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Word: Sanctimonious


adjective: sanctimonious
  1. making a show of being morally superior to other people.
    “what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?”
    synonyms: self-righteous, holier-than-thou, pious, pietistic, churchy, moralizing, preachy, smug, superior, priggish, hypocritical, insincere;

    “no one wants to hear your sanctimonious hot air”

PTSD, CPTSD Symptoms & Personality Disorders Defined

Super informative.  10 Major Traits on Personality Disorders

… and more below, on Personality and Disorders ~ and the “Dirty little secret about therapy”

Borderline Personality Disorder: mental health with Kati Morton





7 Things Feminists Of Color Want You To Know


“3. We’re All Responsible For Making Feminism More Inclusive”

“..Those blaming Islam for ISIS would have supported Osama bin Laden in the ’80s”



History takes no prisoners. It shows, with absolute lucidity, that the Islamic extremism ravaging the world today was borne out of the Western foreign policy of yesteryear.


Narcissistic Abuse- Stealing The Power Of Definition

Different types of Narcissists

Pay attention to red flags when entering into relationships. Just because you are not a narcissist, psychopath, or sociopath, doesn’t mean someone else is not looking to (consciously or unconsciously) take advantage of your naivety. There are all different kinds of people to be wary of when entering into relationships.

The co-dependent and the narcissist make a pair.  Understanding codependency is another must for understanding narcissism.


links to “Narcissist Support” videos on Youtube

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