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How to Manifest Magical Word Power

Ralph Smart rocks!

Is Yoga Boring?

I heard someone say recently:
“Yoga is very boring”.

It took me aback, because I realized that – of course it could be! Life, in fact, is pretty “boring”. If you’re lucky.

I used to believe as a child that “bored people were boring people”, as I’d heard that clever meme in school.

But, and, ~ is boring necessarily a “bad” thing?

How long does boring last?

What’s an opposite (and negative) affect of boring. Anxiety ridden?

Is passing rather ‘mundane’ moments in life is ‘unpleasant’ ? What is ‘boring’ anyway?

Do you watch your thoughts (yet) , or are you on constant autopilot; ruminating or making comments and declarations not fully thought out?

I challenge you to re-think “boring.”

Learn to embrace boring

We’re all guilty of being on autopilot, of letting our minds run away with us. Of ruminating, of “letting” the pig slop around and think whatever it wants, and OCD-ily, impulsively, randomly and chewing and chewing and chewing-ly.

I challenge you to the possibility that autopilot, mundane, “boring” and perhaps blah is actually something to be GRATEFUL for.

Reprogramming our “autopilot”

Is learning how to be more calm and balanced “boring”? Maybe! But it is well worth it to be a balanced individual who can surf the waves of life and emotions smoothly-er and smoothly–er all the time. We all need all the help we can get.

We need all the teachers and lightworkers that we can get.

We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones ~ in the way of stillness. We , who feel cultivation of peace on earth is an imperative, can start by simply being willing to be bored for a few minutes a day. Like 20. Every day.

Meditation, and Yoga. Your life changers. Your teachers. Breath = Prana. Qi,Chi Your soul finds you.

My channeling of breath through my body. My positive thoughts about my body, mind, and life ~ integration into life on the planet in a healthy and helpful way ~ hey. Teach what you need to learn. Yoga can be boring, but it’s a damn good thing. It’s better than being in so many places on this planet than right there right then. Right here right now is all we have to breath, carring intentions forward, have positive focus, pray for peace, and breath in the qi. This is where the power is, and the help and the gratefulness.

There can be mundane-ness in so many things. And thank God. An opportunity to breathe! To pull oneself up from the top of the head, the cord which runs along the front of the spine moving energy down into the core of the earth ~ the golden braid of uda and pingla

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