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Noam Chomsky: With Trump Election, We Are Now Facing Threats to the Survival of the Human Species


Kali Takes America: I’m With Her.




Kali Takes America: I’m With Her.

Just Drank a Pot

… French press. American woman. White. Privileged. Peaceful. Studio. Kiln. Sewing. Working today. NOT thinking about politics for awhile. Thinking about peace. Nature. Breeze. Ironing the towels I made. The handkerchiefs also. Gift shop at the Benedictine Monastery wants my wares. Putting things together. When you clear space, open to God, doors open. God is the original Divine Creator. God makes great coffee.




Where you are is exactly where you need to be

Trust the timing of your life. 


Where I am is exactly where I need to be. I trust the timing of my life!


The Laughing Heart




If your life feels grey, this Bukowski poem read by Tom Waits will breathe life back into you


PTSD, CPTSD Symptoms & Personality Disorders Defined

Super informative.  10 Major Traits on Personality Disorders

… and more below, on Personality and Disorders ~ and the “Dirty little secret about therapy”

Borderline Personality Disorder: mental health with Kati Morton





How to Manifest Magical Word Power

Ralph Smart rocks!

Where can I step out ~ and be MORE of who I am?

The great work of our lives is to be more of ourselves.

. . . beware of editing yourself

The best marketing in the world is AUTHENTICITY!

Trust, that it’s YOU that they want.

(taken from Mike Robbins & Robert Holden today on Hay House Radio.)

http://www.hayhouseradio.com/#!/  🙂

Sacred Sites around the World hold the Key to Awakening our Connection to the Land


Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy

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