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California Reveals Mass Election Fraud; Hillary Clinton Nomination a Coup


Bernie WON. Sighh… And…?  Well, learn from The Sane Progressive.. Very sad state of affairs in USA.  This is part of the “revolution” … Waking the fr@ck up… Stay strong, stay courageous, stay honest.  We are interconnected and must not lay down and accept this abuse by the establishment. KEEP FEELING THE BERN… learn what you can from alt media

Published on Jun 8, 2016

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The Democratic Party & Corporate Media just colluded to commit a coup against the American People and now have the GALL to demand a unification with the candidate who stole our vote and voice. Debbie reports on the election fraud in California, and unflinchingly summarizes the political reality we now must face. Courage and honesty are the ONLY way forward.
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Sanders’ Wall St. Speculation Tax Would Raise $300 Billion and Create Millions of Jobs

Young Voters Will Bring Us Democratic Socialism. It’s A Matter Of Time. The Young Turks


Interesting demographic analysis on Democratic primary voters. Bernie Sanders is crushing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined with millennial voters.



The Nation is Not Divided and Still Prefers Bernie Sanders


The Nation is Not Divided and Still Prefers Bernie Sanders

Great short piece worth reading!



and my reflections on things 🙂

We have to consistently remember and give-thought to our personal values, to be brave about standing for them, in any and all situations possible, and to perhaps soul-search about where we actually *do stand on “issues” that affect us all.

We need awareness of our representatives’ “causes”, the money driving them, and how we can un-crony our political process. This is supposed to be a people driven process, not a monied interest driven process.

We need awareness as our government creates legislation. By golly, it affects us all. We need to open-up to the whole vision instead of living in “silos” , only exposed to one kind of information in our particular bubble.

As American people, we have to find ways to educate our selves and use our “voice”. Democracy. We have to find common ground. This can be done in creative and “safe-feeling” ways! It can be done simply in volunteering in your town, doing something, anything, to uplift humanity.

Yes we do have to face fear, and it rides in the backseat often, but it does not drive. 🙂  When we face it, it moves outa the way.

It is “worth it” for our own personal empowerment and that of others: To KNOW that we are not alone, but in (often) quite “common” company.

We are united in so very many ways. We’re not just rhetoric-repeating robots thinking and saying what the million-dollar-paid reporters and pundits tell us! We can actually largely stand *together united (-not usually where the corporate media seems to paint us).

“We the peeps” are, (actually) primarily, a “liberal” country overall! **Progressive** in so many ways –> and the data does show it.
Bernie lands in the “middle,” where the majority of us (actually) land, too. Most of us are not all that “radical”.

Wow. Really!?

And another wow, too :

A sincere, honest and principled guy running for president?! And, wow what a record he has?!! There is #OnlyOneBernie. And boy oh boy does that comfort a lot of us. I would argue, it comforts most of us in the world.

With the sharpness and good heart it takes to lead well, #Bernie is the real deal. One of those once-in-a-lifetime-candidates. One who has changed the discourse profoundly (..and so overdue).

It is beyond reasonable (and authentic) that *we also stand for what we each truly believe in, and work to make a better country (world and planet) for future generations.

We’re simply propagandized to believe differently –as if we are actually as shallow, dramatic (caring about total BS), scared, and well, –as “dull” as the mainstream media paints us to be. (And paints the “issues” with broad strokes to be.)

We gotta dig deeper. And we gotta learn to follow the money trail. And the records of reps. Who ARE the “progressives”? We have to learn who reps in other states are. We have to learn govt a little bit, and then in time — more.  if we wanna have any say or help in its forward movement.

Are we really without vision and drive to take inspired action? As people? I think we “have it in us” to look to the past for courage and inspiration, to learn from the past, and to investigate for the future.

Look to the future we want to have and visualize it — take inspired action to create it. “We do Care”, have concern, have passion, to stand up for what really resonates with us each.

Even though we’ve practically been repeated-into-believing that no Americans “care” about issues, or the democratic political process, or that we have any “place” being involved in it…

Or that there is any hope in it being something we can be proud of.
Your voice is valued, all right. Remember that. You matter.

And there are representatives that will surprise you and develop relationship with you — they can and do often “listen” to their constituents! (particularly on a local level.)  I recommend going to your capital building during its legislative session. Ample education and inspiration.  Makes me feel like a real ‘Merican. Changed me forever!

The innate instinct we each have to protect one another, to be one another’s keeper –still exists. We are capable of standing up to ideas that don’t represent us, and we have to get more comfortable having the discourses, working to kindly educate one another, include one another, and have respect for one another and where we’re each “at”.  (I prefer private low-key, personal conversations opposed to public threads or argument/debates on facebook for example… and I *try to find the middle, the somewhat consensus, but it’s not always possible. that’s okay, things change and evolve, and each of our paths are sacred… we learn different things at different times. There is not always an evident “correct path” visible… But we can help trail blaze that path, with one another).

However we choose to involve ourselves in the “conversation”, in the vote, in the involvement in our local, state, and federal govts, we need to work to get *on board with one another,* to move forward in a *sustainable way.*
Organic farming, minimal impact living, conscious purchasing…

We can realize we want largely the same stuff.  No matter where we’re each kinda “at”.

A good life.  What does that constitute for you?

Perhaps something to consider or remember while moving forward: is
that most people verge in the middle –> where “normal” is. (not that i advocate normal, any more than “status quo”, but many norms are good, just as status quo is not ‘all bad’ — it allows folks to meet somewhere “common”… like manners, like baseball, like healthfood, or the weather.)

We can continue to work to achieve harmony and involvement simultaneously – (despite the spectacle of what *not to do* as in the Repub debates and their apparent devolvement).
We can choose better examples. We can cross party lines,
and we can start getting real about REAL REPRESENTATION.

Despite who gets the nomination for Dem Prez, We do need to come together. With strength and confidence. Not take the icky examples of blame, punitive solutions for every problem, or segregation amongst one another.

We have to remember: united we stand, or divided we fall.

The big-monied interests do not want us “united.” Key clue.That’s why examples of blame and xenophobia are so popular –to brainwash us, cause divide and infighting. We don’t need that sh*t. Thanks but no thanks!

This is 2016. We love and accept our fellow americans (and world citizens) of all creeds, kinds and backgrounds. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else? You’re fine, IMHO. We are much more united than the main media will have you believe. And that can bring comfort and strength moving forward. If we can see our commonalities

Ultimately no one wants suffering. Humans are wired to want peace and harmony. Let’s choose that road and keep this “revolution” going.

As citizens.

We’ve been trained in school and culture to think govt is all BS. Well, let’s change that and be the change we wanna see in the world (govt and citizenry). A Powerful practice! Govt is supposed to work FOR US and protect us. Remember that. They’re not supposed to fundraise the majority of their time in office and think about doing the bidding of their donors who got them elected

We need free and fair elections. Period effin’ period.

Start watching the money trail. It’s all for TV brainwashing ads (it adds up to pay for them, in the zillions). The $ is for greasing palms, paybacks and deregulations where we sorely need regulation (fracking, GMO, Big Pharma).

We have now ‘legalized bribery’ in our country. We need to end it. To-geth-ah.

Don’t let it scare you. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Remembah?


We want a safe, happy, educated, healthy and harmonious world!!!
Do we not?!?!  Well, gosh darnit — we have to keep standing up for it. And finding ways to be involved in our “democracy” in whatever small, med, or large ways –> stand up for the democracy which we are working to keep.
Use your voice. It is important.

To strengthen and update our constitution (as the writers intended): We definitely need an amendment to get money out of politics!  There are safeguards in the constitution to help us confront and stop corrupted politicians and corporate control. Lets look into those provisions. Let’s become aware.

We must have the intent – to work to better-serve all Americans (and the World and Planet) –fairly. Lose the hierarchical attitude, dude. That’s not the way to enlightenment or all that much improvement for all.

Keep heart.

We all do better when we all do better.

We are entitled as citizens to the “representation” we vote for. Things have to improve, and drastically. Consistently and faithfully. We have the right and responsibility to be heard and to contribute. In whatever way most suites us each. Even if it’s simply learning “how” our democratic process works. Start somewhere. Just start. You don’t have to get an A. Just show up. We don’t want oligarchy or plutocracy, thanks but no thanks! Keep faith, and stand up for what is truly in your heart. That’s my 4 cents. If we are to be “American”, and “free”, we must free our minds from propagandized media slavery. We must be involved on some level, in our world, and in our representation. To keep things OK and make things better. For all. Even if it’s just prayer and meditation.

Peace, love & good health




How-To Support #Bernie2016


Phone Bank: Instructions above

You’ll feel great! It’s easy and fun.

They have wonderful straight-forward directions. Please participate in our democracy! Go vote!  Encourage others to be sure they get to the primary #FeelTheBERN



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